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Meetings are held at the  Valley Garden Center 
 1809 N. 15th Ave,  Phoenix, Arizona.  Phone (602) 252-2120.
The next regular society meeting will be Thursday, December 7, 2000 at 7 P.M..

December Annual Auction
December is our Annual Live Auction!!!  Don't forget to donate to, and bid on, the auction items!   Come and participate in this friendly competition for items you want!  More plants and orchid related items will be available for your energetic bidding!  Support the last super fund-raiser for the year!

by Wilella Stimmell, CSP Coordinator                   

On Wednesday, October 25, we presented a program for Seniors at the DEER VALLEY COMMUNITY CENTER, 2001 W. Wahalla, Phoenix. While the emphasis of our community service lies in introducing school children to orchids, we also enjoy presenting our orchid programs for Senior Citizens. Working with Seniors affords us an opportunity to meet delightful people who are very grateful for any attention given to them. Some of them have a marvelous sense of humor and a great deal of history stored in their memory banks, and they willing share their stories with anyone who will listen.

During the Deer Valley program, a spry lady with a twinkle in her eyes, introduced herself as "Sara with an 'h'. I'm 83 years young, have had two hip replacements and move slowly, but eventually I get where I'm going! My husband is dead, but my cats keep me company so I'm not lonely.  I worked in a plant nursery for 30 years. I love plants! I was a riveter in World War  II. [At this point, Sara with an 'h' proceeded to sing a tune made popular during the war. Her voice was strong, and it was obvious she was very proud of her contribution to the war effort.] I'm a farmer's daughter and damn proud of it! I hope I win the doorprize orchid plant!" It was a privilege to have met Sara with an 'h' - a memorable "character".
Harold won the doorprize plant, and Sarah and several of the other women were clearly disappointed. On November 3, we received a thank you letter from Merry Austin, Senior Program  Supervisor of Deer Valley Senior Services. According to Ms. Austin, after the program several of the women in the audience, approached Harold and wanted to buy his prize. Ms. Austin did not state whether Harold sold the plant.

 We are scheduling programs for 2001. If you know of a teacher who wants us to present programs for classes, please stress that the sooner we are contacted, the better the chance that his/her first choice of dates for the presentations is available.

From the President's Desk
Lou Ann Remeikis

Whew - the show is over and what a success YOU made it!  When the deadline was coming to the wire, I started worrying about everything.  In retrospect, I should have known better.  Members really come together to make our show a success, and this year was no different.  We had ample help during the show hours, and the set-up day (and day of destruction) was met with great people with great ideas.
Knowing that I will take up a great deal of space in the newsletter, I personally want to thank the following members for assisting with the show set-up:  Rhonda Woodward, Heidi Owens, David Wehrli, Wilella Stimmell, Bryan and Ainsley LaCour, Julie and Fred Rathbun, Jane Heckel, Jennifer Hall, Connie Hall, Kelly Thomas, Lucy Redmond-Hall, Shirley Engberg, Ha Nguyen, Glena Petro, Ann Cherny, Aaron Hicks, Gerda Gallob, Peggy Stejskal, Wayne Baker, Joe Freasier, Fred Stimmell, John Engberg and last (but not least) OSA's construction whiz - Bob MacLeod. 

Special thanks go to Anne Connor and Vera Arnold for the wonderful Ikebana demonstration (sorry about your tire, Vera).   I also want to give special acknowledgement to Stardust Building Supply (3840 N. 28 th  Avenue, Phx, 602-604-0605) for the loan of the bathtub and toilet, OSA's friends at the Northern Arizona VA Health Care System for the loan of the gorgeous orchids which are grown in their greenhouse in Prescott, and Dawn Schroeder for driving to Prescott to pick them up and return them.  The visitors to our show, and the workers, were also treated to the beautiful sounds of Harpist Joyce Buekers provided by Pete and Jane Heckel and "The Orchidettes" vocal ensemble of Ann Shaffer, Ariel Elias, Marina Acosta, Elizabeth Fairbairn, Brittney Field, Diana Hernandez, Lisa Mills and led by our own Jeff Shaffer.  Betty Neal of the Cave Creek Museum provided the special Angel in the sales room. 

We had many more members whose contributions were beautiful blooming orchids and props for our sets.  Unfortunately I don't have room to thank each of you personally by name, but please know your additions to the show were very much appreciated.  There were also those of you who stopped by to assist during the show by talking with our visitors and relieving some of us who had been there all three days.  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for your help, too!  Because of YOU - the show was a tremendous success!  P/S - Please accept my apology if I have forgotten to include anyone who helped out during the set-up and tear-down phases of the show. 

Kudos to Suzanne (Suz) Cramer!  I forgot to mention this in last month's newsletter, but Suz is the first member to renew her membership to OSA for 2001.  Membership renewals are due in January, and let this be a gentle reminder to those memberships expiring in December that February will be the month of your last OSA newsletter if your renewals are not received.  Hey, Suz - OSA really misses you!  And I really miss your sense of humor and having you here to pal around with at OSA functions!  Isn't it time for you to come for a visit?  
I hope to see all of you at December's meeting.  Get there in time to sign up for your "bidding paddle" so you can participate in the excitement!  If you have items to donate to the auction, please make sure they are there at the beginning of the auction.  If you want to start the bidding of your particular donation at a specific price, please be sure to include your "minimum bid amount" with the item.  
Please have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza and a safe and 

Happy New Year!  
Happy Growing!
Lou Ann

FIREFLY GENE USED TO CREATE ORCHID THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!                                             
   by Wilella Stimmell

After 9 years in research and development, the WORLD'S FIRST AND ONLY BIOLUMINESCENT ORCHID is up for global auction beginning on December 1 and closing on December 18. At the currency exchange rate on November 15, 2000, 1 US dollar is equal to 1.75 Singapore dollars (SGD). The minimum bid for the bioluminescent orchid is $200,000.

The winning bidder receives: the rights to name the world's first glow-in-the-dark orchid, and the rights to own and grow 5 pots of the orchid and commercialize it for up to 3 years. The 3-year limit on sole rights to the bioluminescent orchid was based on the average time it takes an orchid plant to mature.
The Dendrobium orchid was used in the creation of the bioluminescent hybrid because of the worldwide demand for Dendrobium cut flowers. D. White Fairy #5 is a popular commercial hybrid and its flowers are white.

Professor Chia Tet Fatt, National Institute of Education, Singapore, developed the bioluminescent orchid and will still hold the rights to use the bioluminescent orchid for research purposes, after the conclusion of the auction.
A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) was created by inserting the luciferase gene from the firefly into the orchid. Perhaps in future, disease resistant orchids and flowers with longer shelf life will be developed using genetically altered genes.
Based on his successful research, Prof. Chia developed the Orchid Hybridization Program (OHP) for primary and secondary school students in Singapore. Thus far 100 new hybrids have been created.

Students in about 40 more schools will undertake the Orchid Hybridization Program in 2001. Eventually the program will be implemented in schools throughout Singapore, and an estimated 1000 new orchid hybrids per year might be created.
Check out the auction website at  A copy of the printout from the Hybrid Orchid website will be available at our December 7 meeting. Unfortunately, the print-out does not capture the bioluminescence. You need to see the "glowing" to believe it! 

Thank you for the Raffle Table donations!  Aaron Hicks, Willie Stimmell and OSA.


The South American Encyclia Species, by Carl Withner, has been published by Timber Press, Portland, Oregon. (This the final volume in the series, was available for sale at our November show.)
In early November, OSA donated a copy of Volume VI to the Phoenix Public Library. With the addition of this volume, PPL now has the complete series, donated by OSA.

Appendix I in this volume covers taxonomic and nomenclatural changes in Volumes I-VI, and Appendix II contains additions and corrections to Volumes I-VI. 72 color plates are also included.

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