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Arizona Orchidist Newsletter December 1999

The next Board meeting will be held on Sunday,
November 28th, at Peggy Stejskal's home, 3401 E. Palo
Verde Drive, Paradise Valley.
Phone:          602-957-3951
Time:   1 PM

As always, the meeting is open to all members.

The next regular society monthly meeting will be
Thursday, December 2, 1999, at the Valley Garden
Center, 1809 N. 15th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, (phone
252-2120).  The meeting, open to all plant
enthusiasts, will start at 7:00 P.M.

Refreshments will be provided by:    Everyone!

Grower on call for December is
Lou Ann Remeikis

OSA web site is


Our December meeting is a fun-packed action-filled holiday celebration.  All members are asked to bring some edible treats to help fill our expanded
refreshment table.  I will be providing a punch for everyone in attendance.  Part of the annual tradition is for members to donate item(s) for the auction block.  Our very capable auctioneers, Joe Freasier and Joe Civello, have agreed to run the auction for us again this year.  There will be orchid plants and orchid-related items on the auction block for you to bid on.  It's a great time to buy that Christmas gift
for the orchid lover on your list.  We will gladly accept cash-or your personal check-at the end of the bidding!  For those members or guests who have never
experienced this event, you are in for a real treat! This is a friendly bidding auction, but I have heard Peggy tell Scott to stop bidding on something that she
wanted! Scott laughed and quit bidding!

Lou Ann Remeikis

I don't know about you, but November was a whirlwind month!  But what a  onderful one it turned out to be. There are SO MANY members to thank for all the help and valuable time they put into making our annual orchid show so successful.  Because of YOU, the show was very impressive and enjoyed by so many people.

I wish to thank those who participated so generously of their time and talents:  Bob MacLeod (our master builder), Joe Freasier, Wayne Baker, Frank Bopp (A+ for ingenuity in hanging the murals), Fred and Julie Rathbun, Peggy Stejskal, Lucy Redmond-Hall, Candy Pelz (artistic creativity genius), Debbie and Niki Hamilton, Ann Cherny, Pete and Jane Heckel, Jarka Kazda, Steve and Sally Grass, Valerie Rekve,  Fred and Willie Stimmell, Jennifer Hall, Nancy Burnett, Keith Mead, Ken Gettys, Jim Johnson, Norma Kafer, Jim Gordon, Kathleen Luther, Anne Connor and Kelly Thomas. It was a pleasure working with Johnny and Ed Buckley,
the caretakers of the VGC, and we sincerely appreciated everything they helped us with.  I REALLY hope I haven't forgotten someone's name!  We had so many people helping set up and tear down the displays, I want to apologize in advance if I left someone out of this list.

A BIG thank you also goes to Dana Heberling (my brother) for designing and creating this year's show flyer, Phoenix Window and Door for their garden window
display, Anne Connor and Vera Arnold for the Ikebana demonstration, Lucy Thompson and the talented children at Morristown Elementary School for painting our desert background murals! We also had a wonderful group of eight students from Morristown Elementary School that performed square dancing for us on
Saturday!  What a delightful edition they were!  It was particularly gracious that Anne Connor presented her Ikebana demonstration on her birthday!  Thanks to

Everyone should know that Julie Rathbun and Willie Stimmell drove all the way to Chula Vista, CA, to hand pick and purchase a majority of the plants we had for
the show.  They drove over on a Friday, October 29th, and returned with a packed van the next day.  Harry Tolen, bless his heart, was wonderful to allow us to
show up on his doorstep and pick out the plants we needed.  Thanks to everyone!

Welcome to our OSA family!  Yupha Dequenne, Nancy Kangwanshirathada, Valerie Rekve, Connie Hall, and Rhonda Woodward all joined at either the show or at our regular meeting.  We also are happy to announce that Jacque Mott and Gary Kooistra are the winners of the two free memberships to OSA which were awarded at our Orchid Show.   I am very happy to welcome everyone to our Society!

On a sad note, we lost a dear friend Josephine Gabos. Josephine, Grandma as many of us knew her, lost her battle with cancer.  To Ed Gamarano she really was
"Grandma".  Jane Heckel's mother, Bozena Kalista, also passed away recently.  OSA has made a donation in honor of both women to the Valley Hospice.

The Phragmipedium program that Bob MacLeod presented at our November meeting was a wonderful introduction to this orchid.  However, at the time of the program we were not sure what the colors of the blooms would be.  We now have that information.  For those of you who obtained a Phrag. Demetria, the flowers will be yellow with perhaps a hint of red, long petals and two or three blooms per spike.  Demetria is a cross between caudatum x sargentianum.  The Phrag. Betheva
will be green and white with long petals.  I hope you got your seedlings home safe and sound and have found a humid environment for them.  The little greenhouses
made from plastic milk or water jugs work very well for small seedlings like these.

A member vote was conducted at the November meeting for the Millenium Board.  The nomination slate was accepted and voted in as it was presented.  I will
continue as President, 1st VP is Bob MacLeod, 2nd VP is Norma Kafer, Secretary is Jane Heckel, Treasurer is Keith Mead, New Trustees are Nelda Caldwell and
Jennifer Hall, Continuing Trustees are Julie Rathbun and Maura Roberts.

Our raffle table was very nice last month.  Donations to the raffle were from Willie Stimmell, OSA, Nelda Caldwell, Jane Heckel, Glena Petro, Mary Lee Sturgeon
and myself.  Thank you one and all for the donations and the generous purchase of raffle tickets.  The raffle is successful because of YOU !!!

I look forward to seeing everyone on December 2nd! And I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was one in which you could truly have reason to be thankful for all life has to offer!

Lou Ann

by Wilella Stimmell, CSP Coordinator

On October 26, Ann Cherny, Shirley Engberg, Norma Kafer, Keith Mead, Lou Ann Remeikis, and I presented programs for four first grade classes at Kyrene de Las
Lomas Elementary School, 11820 S. Warner Elliot Loop, Phoenix.  Each class consisted of 25 students, and we were able to give the students individualized
attention.  The children were thrilled to see our blooming display plants but were clearly anxious to get started making a potting mess.  Three parents also
assisted the children in potting their phalaenopsis seedlings.

There always seems to be at least one humorous incident per venue that lingers in our memories after we depart from a school.  Early in our presentations,
we usually ask the children to name a place where orchids do NOT grow, and we also offer a hint:  think of a VERY cold place!  During one of the programs at
Kyrene, the question was asked and answered, and we moved on to discuss another orchid topic.  But in this class, there was a boy in the back of the room who had an expression of deep contemplation on his face and was obviously still thinking about the question.  A few minutes later, he confidently announced his
answer: "Pluto!"  Although his delayed reaction was amusing, we tried not to laugh.  Although his answer was not one we had ever heard before, this future
astronomer might one day PROVE that HIS answer to the question was correct.

These were the last school programs on the schedule for 1999.  To date we have presented programs for over 1000 Arizona school children!  That represents a LOT
of work.  My sincere thanks to all members of our school program team who gave freely of their time and talents.  We brought joy and new experiences to
students, many of whom had never seen orchids.  OUR lives were also enriched by sharing and caring for youngsters.

Special thanks to Harry Tolen, Chula Orchids, Chula Vista, CA, for being OSA's guardian angel regarding our school programs.  It might not have occurred to
Harry that he also participated in our programs, but he did!  He supplied the phalaenopsis seedlings at cut rate prices for our programs.  Without his help, we
could not have afforded to do as many programs for schools. 

Last year Bob Gordon, author of CULTURE OF THE PHALAENOPSIS ORCHID, donated several CASES of his book.  We present a copy of Bob's book to the teacher of each class.  Thanks Bob!

At our November orchid show, our visitors saw a display of some of the many notes of thanks sent by the children whose lives we have touched.  Due to
space limitations, it was not possible to display all of the colorful letters and cards we received, but we will treasure them.  Thanks to Jen Hall for creating
the display!

I mentioned in this column in the November issue, that  we already have programs scheduled for January and February, 2000.  During our November show, several
persons inquired about scheduling school programs for next year.  Dates for January and February programs will be announced in our January newsletter.

December Birthdays

4th             Janet Jurn
8th             Anne Durning and Bev Tall
9th             Shirley Engbert
16th    Maura Roberts
17th    Norma Kafer
21st    Doug Baldwin
23rd    Pam Albright and Jane Heckel
25th    Nancy Silverman
29th    John Sramek
31st    Jim Gordon

Happy Birthday Everyone!


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