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A terrible sinner up and died
    And when it came his turn,
To face St. Peter at the gate,
    St. Peter said, "You'll burn!
For you're a terrible sinner,
    And so In heaven you'll not dwell."
And so the sinner found himself
    Outside the gates of Hell.

He rang the bell and in due time
    Old Satan let him in.
Then said, "This is not hot enough
    For your revolting sin!
Hell's much too cool - so you'll just stay
   Here nine months of the year.
And you'll spend June, July and August
   Up in Phoenix, is that clear?"

"I understand completely, sir,"
   The terrible sinner said, "
Although that terrible heat up there
   Is something I sure dread.
But I would like to ask you, sir,
   If I may be discreet, Just what am I supposed to do,
Up there in all that heat?"

"You're going to have your hands full, friend,
    Said Satan, with a sneer. "
And I will guarantee that you
    Will wish you were back here.
Remember! I'm the one in charge;
    There's none to overrule.
I'm giving you a greenhouse, and
    Your job's to keep it cool!"


From Orchids In My Greenhouse -- Crabgrass In My Lawn

By Clarence S. Lindsten




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