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The Lord, our God, said, "I would like a garden."
     And He then created what we now call earth.
The beauty that He made was overwhelming,
    For the regal orchids then came into birth.

And lo, He viewed His work with satisfaction,
    For He said, "This beauty shall not go to waste."
So He then created mankind in His image,
    But He reckoned without Eve remaining chaste.

Throughout the ages life on earth did flourish,
    And the balance nature needed was complete.
But mankind did increase in record numbers,
    To a point where he would seriously compete.

And it Came to pass that Kings in far off countries,
    Sent their captains and their ships to sail the seas.
And lo, they finally came upon strange places,
    Where exotic orchids bloomed high in the trees.

The captains looked upon them with amazement,
    Hardly believing that such beauty could exist.
And they filled their ships to almost overflowing,
    For their greed was such that they could scarce resist.

Now this, of course, was only the beginning.
    Through the centuries men sought them, filled with greed.
Some cut down trees, the easier to get them,
    And killed thousands just to get what they would need.

Now the trees are bulldozed do·wn in record numbers,
    And large forests have been burned to clear the land,
To make dwellings for exploding populations,
    And the end of many species is at hand.

The time is coming, and it's not far distant,
   When collectors search for days and never see
Those species, which one time were fairly common,
But are disappearing, nevermore to be.


The Lord looks on the ruins of His creation,
    And His eyes are filled with sadness when
He sees That man, whom He created in His image,
    Has completely stripped the orchids from the trees.


From Orchids In My Greenhouse -- Crabgrass In My Lawn

By Clarence S. Lindsten




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