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I read of the experiments
    Some growers made with beer,
And I was so intrigued with it,
    I thought I'd try it here.
Now this decision that
    I made Was bigger than you think.
I hate to see it used on plants,
    When it's so good to drink.

But I went out and bought a case
    And put it on the shelf.
I figured if it didn't work,
    I'd drink the rest myself.
I then proportioned some the way
    Most others seem to do,
With forty parts of water,
    to Each part of 'sudsy brew'.

Although I haven't used it long,
    I see a hopeful sign.
For all my seedlings have perked up;
    They're really looking fine.
The moral is, that if you think
    Your plants are feeling punk,
By all means get a case of beer,
    And get them good and drunk.



From Orchids In My Greenhouse -- Crabgrass In My Lawn

By Clarence S. Lindsten




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